Why Your Small Business Should Hire An Advisor

Ensuring sure your small business has covered all the bases can be difficult when you’re serving as a “jack of all trades”. One of the most effective ways to analyze your business from an objective viewpoint is to hire an outside party. An expert advisor is a professional that is...

Drive Big Savings With Vehicle Bonus Depreciation

The end of the year is often a time for businesses to invest in themselves and take the accompanying tax deductions. It’s the last chance to decrease your 2019 taxes by doing a little holiday shopping for your business. Thanks to Section 179 and this year’s 100% bonus depreciation, buying...

Do PBMs Help or Hurt Your Pharmacy?

One of the biggest controversies in the pharmaceutical industry is around PBMs. PBMs (short for Pharmacy Benefits Managers) are purchasing organizations that act as middlemen between pharmacies and drug companies. They purchase the drugs in large quantities and supply them to individual pharmacies, similar to wholesalers in most industries.