Tax debt? No sweat.

We’re experts at getting the IRS off your back!

Millions Of Client Dollars Saved

The IRS has forgiven millions of dollars of taxes for our clients.

Expert Knowledge

When it comes to your business, timing matters. Our diligent team will get back to you in two days or less.

Lightning Fast Process

Our exclusive technology allows for super fast preparation and submission times.

Offer In Compromise

Do you already have a case open with the IRS? Do you owe $10,000 or even more? Our expert tax team is here to represent you and find the best resolution to your tax issues. We’ll work hard to protect your interests. An Offer in Compromise could greatly reduce what you owe.  

Our Enrolled Agents are licensed by the IRS and understand tax resolution better than anyone. They’ll get you the best possible outcome and handle communication with the IRS for you.

Why Tax Resolution?

 We have provided expert strategies to help our clients manage their IRS debt, making the process simpler, providing debt reduction opportunities, or,  in some cases totally eliminating the debt!

Bassam Mustafa is a licensed Enrolled Agent (EA) and former Big 4 Accountant. Out of our Clifton NJ headquarters, we’ve been helping clients deal with the IRS successfully for years, and have built significant expertise in this space. Our team is comprised of Enrolled Agents, Tax Experts and other industry professionals with years of experience in helping individuals and small business owners handle IRS debt.

Reduce Your Tax Debt

We talk to the IRS on your behalf

Reach a deal that leaves you satisfied

A Simple Process

Step 1
Before we can resolve a tax issue, we need to have all the facts. Often, the numbers the taxpayer is using and numbers the IRS is using don’t match. If an error led to the tax issue in the first place, this is probably true.

Step 1
Step 2
If your tax issue involves being behind on filing, this is the time to get current. Even if payment of taxes isn’t possible and a payment plan is needed, making sure all tax returns are accurately filed and current. This helps avoid additional problems and lets you see where you are and what (if anything) is due.
Step 2
Step 3
Case Closed
Once all tax returns are filed and the issue has been clarified, the actual resolution takes place. This is your representation before the IRS (and possibly even tax court) to reach an agreement on what’s owed and how it will be paid. This is where payment plans are negotiated, offers in compromise are settled, and a plan is reached to move forward and resolve the issue.
Step 3

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